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Portuguese Dance
Portuguese Dance
Sidi Dhamal Dance
Siddi Dhamal
Traditional Folk Dance
Gujarati Folk Dance

Video of Portuguese Dance

Video of Siddi Dhamal

Video of Gujarati Folk Dance
The territories of Daman and Diu were under Portuguese regime from 1546 to 1961.

Diu is an extension of Kathiawad Cultural Zone which influences language, dress, patterns, food habits, customs and practice and other culture elements. The ethnic mosaic of Daman and Diu comprises of Hindus, viz. the Kharwa, Koli Patel, Koli, Bhraman, Bania, Vanja, Salat, Sanghadia, Sager, Baria, Kamli, Mitna, Mangela, Bhandari, Macchi, Kumbhar, Mahyavanshi.There are also certain Tribal groups namely the Dhobia, Dubla and Siddi. The Muslim communities of Momin and Khoja also live in Diu. The Muslim viz. Momin and Khoja descendants of Rajputs which referring to the ATAK (Surname) GOTRA (clan) names. While the Kharwa, Koli, Koli Patel, Vanja, Mangela, Bhandari, Sager and Salat claim to be the original inhabitants of Union Territory, other perceive them as migrants from various places of Gujarat and Saurashtra.