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Diu Festival
After Goa became a State, a Union Territory was formed on 30th May, 1987 consisting of two separate Districts of Daman and Diu.

Diu became popular as Tourist Destination due to its scenic beauty, the wonderful sandy beaches and the heritage buildings.

In order to create an atmosphere of festival so that the domestic as well as foreign tourist can find an occasion to come to Diu, the Administration decided to organize Diu Festival synchronized with Liberation Day of Daman and Diu where the folk performers and traditional craftsman, who manage to keep their heritage alive, can expose their talent during the festival. The Diu Festival commenced from 1993 and since then it is organized every year in the month of December starting from 19th December.

This festival is celebrated during the month of Shravana as per Hindu calendar. It is celebrated by the Vanza Community of Diu District in reverence to saint Kabir. Reciting of the mantras takes place .A procession iscarried in a kajara which is made out of only Nagarvel Pan leaves which is held high with the help of five bamboo stands.

It is a colour festival celebrated only by the Kharva Community of village Ghoghla of Diu District. It is celebrated on the first Monday after the Holy Festival. During the festival the idols of Goddess Shiv and Parvati are carried in a procession in a palanquin which passes through the streets of Ghoghla Village where thousands of devotees pay their homage.

This festival is celebrated by the Kharva Community of Diu District. It has great religious significance. It is celebrated in the month of August and seven flags are taken in a procession which is in reverence to the seven deities. The procession starts from early morning and continues till late evening. The Procession moves through the streets/lanes and passes through the seashore with chanting and sounds of trumpets and drum beats.

The festival is celebrated by the Koli fisherfloks of village Vanakbara. It is celebrated in the month of May. On this day the young un-married ladies carries on their heads the nine goddesses during the procession in order to bless them for getting good life partner. It is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety. All the fishing activities are at stand still on this day.

Wedding as usual is celebrated with great enthusiasm but this is with a difference. After the wedding ceremony is over, the bride and the bridegroom are taken at village Bucharwada to obtain blessing from the goddess for their happy married life in the bullock carts in a procession which look like a caravan, a typical style of living of the people of village Fudam.
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