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Range Forest Office
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The Details of Forest Department, Diu are as under:

Diu District has been constituted as a "Forest Range" and is a territorial unit of Daman & Diu Forest Division, having territorial boundaries and area identical to Diu District.

Diu is a very small Forest Range, presently manned by the Range Forest Officer & three Forest Guards. A sandy land having a spread of 516.70 Ha. covered with casuarinas and other tree species, is proposed to be constituted as Reserved Forests. The forests in Diu are maintained with sole objectives of environmental protection. Plantations, raised on coastal stretches, are very instrumental in arresting coastal erosions. The man made wood lots have sheltered several species of wild animals, including uncommon visitors like Lion and Leopard.

Diu is a tiny-vibrant island. It is an important exotic Tourist Destination on the west coast of India. It is known for its bygone socio-culture legacy, beautiful beaches and landscapes. Very few are aware that the former rulers have acknowledged this territory as a "Natural Bird Sanctuary". Numerous bird species can be sighted at every corner of the island. The marshy land on the north is a place where flocks fly down from Gujarat State for feeding; thereby providing opportunities to the people to watch the playful - mind soothing birds. Appraising the potential of this site from conservation and tourist point of view, this administration declared a part of this marshy area admeasuring 218.568 Ha. as a "Fudam Bird Sanctuary". The Forest Department is now planning to have bird watching facilities. The mangrove scrubs in the Fudam Bird Sanctuary forms the spawning grounds for fishes and provides feeding grounds for several species of avifauna.

Vegetal cover of Diu is dominated by Hoka Trees. The Hoka Tree (Hyphaene Dichotoma), as per BSI, is an endangered species in Daman & Diu. The Forest Department has precisely appreciated the significance of this endemic species. Now in Diu, the species is protected under special provisions of the law.

The Department undertakes plantation activities on every possible land. The seedlings of different forest species, raised in the Forest Nursery, are distributed at free of cost among the individuals, institutions, organisations etc.

Forest Department is mandated to protect the green wealth of Diu through people's participation and by enforcing various Acts & Rules. Various participatory and awareness programmes are being organised to mobilize the mass support to surge ahead with the departmental objectives.

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Dagachi Reserve Forest, Diu


Reply of Note regarding Reserved Forests - RFO/Diu/1-B/2011-12/144 dated 07-06-2013
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