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Village Panchayat, Vanakbara

Images of Village Panchayat, Vanakbara

In Diu District Government has established Village Panchayat in Rural area of Diu District in the year 1962.

Up to September-2005 there were two Panchayats namely Village Panchayat, Bhucharwada and Vanakbara.

Then after as per Government Notification, four Panchayats comes in existence from two Panchayats i.e. Village Panchayat, Vanakbara, Saudwadi from Vanakbara Village Panchayat and two more Panchayat from Bhucharwada Panchayat i.e. Bhucharwada Village Panchayat and Zolawadi Village Panchayat from September- 2005.
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