About Daman & Diu

Weight & Measures Department, Diu

The Details of Weight & Measures Department, Diu are as under :

The Enquiry Officer, City Survey, Diu is Head of Office of the Inspector of Weights & Measures, Diu.; The Collector, Diu who is the Head of Department is also Controller of Legal Metrology under whose general direction & control.

Main Work of Office :

  • Registration of users of Weights & Measures.
  • Verification and Stamping of Weights, Measures Weighting Instruments.
  • Inspection Search, seizure and forfeiture of Weights & Measures.

Powers and Duties :

Inspector of Weights & Measures, Daman & Diu is declare as Assistant Controller of Weights & Measures, Daman & Diu.

General Inspection, surprise visit, verification and stamping of all types of Weights, Measures, Electronic and Mechanical Weighing & Measuring Instruments and issue of verification and stamping certificate for all the traders who holds above equipments. Electronic Weighing Scale Verified and Stamping once in a Year and all weights Measures Mechanical Counter Scale's Verified and Stamped two years validity. Petrol & Diesel Pump verified and stamped once in a year.

Inspection to all the traders who holds Weights, Measures, Weighing & Measuring Instruments, Petrol and Diesel Pumps in both the District of Daman and Diu and issued notice to the traders for Registration, Verification and Stamping. Inspector checked all types of Weights, Measures, Weighing & Measuring Instruments Stamped and issued them Verification and Stamping Certificate.

Inspector takes the surprise visit at traders if found irregular, Inspector can seize weights, Measures Weighing Scale and make case against the parties as per Rules and Regulation.

Weights & Measures Department Implementation of Enforcement of provisions under the packaged commodities Act and Rules 2011 :

Implementation of provisions contained under the Weights & Measures Act and Rules to make Tour camp at Diu after the approval of Collector/ Controller of Weights & Measures and with permission of Head of Office. Make six tour in year to Diu District for above work in Diu District. Only 300 various type of traders i.e. 3 Petrol Pump, 2 Fisheries Societies Diesel Pump, Bar & Restaurants, Grocery Shop, Factories, Cloth Merchant, Fish Merchant and Goldsmith etc.
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